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Who are we?

We are made up of different professionals with experience and training in helping children, young people and their families with a range of emotional and mental health concerns.

Children, adolescents and their families may be experiencing many different problems and we hope you feel able to come to us whenever you want help. This includes children living in foster care, adoptive families and in residential settings.
Children can be experiencing difficulties such as unhappiness, loneliness, fears, phobias, physical symptoms related to stress, bedwetting, nightmares, poor concentration, or eating difficulties.

As parents, you may have problems managing your children, or may feel that your own difficulties are affecting your children in some way.
Sometimes, children or families come to see us when they have been through upsetting events such as an accident, parental divorce or separation, death or serious illness in the family.

These are just a few problems that families come to talk to us about. Usually many of these problems can be resolved with help from those professionals with whom your child already has contact e.g. general practitioner, health visitor, teacher. We do recommend that, in the first instance, you discuss your concerns with someone you already know. They can then put you in touch with us.  

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