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In this section of the website you can find out more information. Each section listed below contains information that you can print out, videos that you can watch, plus telephone numbers and website information for further help.

Deliberate Self Harm

Deliberate self harm is a term used to describe episodes of intentional self injury that do not lead to death or may not have been motivated by a desire to die. Individuals can self-harm in many ways.

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Depression is different to normal sadness. Depression is characterised by persistent low mood and a lack of sense of pleasure in life. The individual will complain of feeling sad and apathetic as well as lacking energy. Appetite and sleep disturbances are common. It may be difficult getting to sleep at night, which will leave the person exhausted during the day.

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Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are characterised by abnormalities in the pattern of eating, which are mainly determined by the attitude the person takes to their weight and shape. There are two main types of eating disorder: anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. 

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Loss and Bereavement

Bereavement is a common experience in childhood and adolescence. When a young person looses someone close to them they can experience a reaction characterised by periods of sadness, crying and irritability, which can last for a few days to several months.

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